I Ate The World’s Largest Slice Of Pizza


This slice of pizza was expensive...
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  • Dark Gamer
    Dark GamerTime siden

    That guy can't stop looking at the pizza

  • Leslie Flaherty
    Leslie FlahertyTime siden

    Hi Mr beast I watch u every time but I play on Xbox so I can't 😭 type on Xbox

  • Luis Medina
    Luis MedinaTime siden

    bro sheesh

  • tayyaba ghufran
    tayyaba ghufran2 timer siden

    i am hungry

  • Tsholofelo Mabophiwa
    Tsholofelo Mabophiwa2 timer siden


  • MalK
    MalK3 timer siden

    imagine walter white would have thrown this pizza on the roof

  • ching chong
    ching chong3 timer siden

    Me: Mom can I have one last slice of pizza? Mom: Alright, just one more and that's it. . . . . *the slice of pizza:*

  • V-Bot Gamer
    V-Bot Gamer3 timer siden

    I hope joey was okay later when he got rid of (to put it nicely)all that food in his stomach.

  • Michael G Playzz
    Michael G Playzz3 timer siden

    i cant wach this vid bc now i want pizza so bad

  • the gaming brozz
    the gaming brozz3 timer siden

    That made me hungry all out

  • Nji Adrian
    Nji Adrian4 timer siden

    Matt Stonie where u at?

  • ZiP72
    ZiP724 timer siden

    Mr O-beast

  • Ketchup TV
    Ketchup TV5 timer siden

    Ma belly can handle a cow

  • Sara Bint Al-Bader
    Sara Bint Al-Bader5 timer siden

    I’m hungry tooo

  • Tyler Statham
    Tyler Statham5 timer siden

    Matt Stonie: Hold my chineese noodles

  • bxdddboy.
    bxdddboy.6 timer siden


  • Babita Singh
    Babita Singh6 timer siden

    Give me some pizza so yummy I think 🤤🤤🤤

  • Avis SHUM
    Avis SHUM6 timer siden

    he is a monster men

  • Chloe Chu
    Chloe Chu8 timer siden

    didn’t he lost by matt stonie

  • joe mama
    joe mama8 timer siden


  • Gucci Slides
    Gucci Slides8 timer siden

    Whos your supplier

  • Kamado PH
    Kamado PH9 timer siden

    Filipinos are more fast than that" It's legit Why? Cuzzzzzz WE CAN EAT SUCH AS MANY also were fast 🐶

  • Abdul basit
    Abdul basit9 timer siden

    Good brother

  • SjDudeVis Gaming
    SjDudeVis Gaming9 timer siden

    any matt stonie fans

  • Trippy [GD]
    Trippy [GD]10 timer siden


  • xhaun khyle delica
    xhaun khyle delica11 timer siden

    The pizza is for pizza grinders

  • Brooklyn Taylor
    Brooklyn Taylor11 timer siden

    Ngl that burp was hot

  • Lina Mamdouhe
    Lina Mamdouhe12 timer siden

    I could only eat one slice

  • R Maas
    R Maas12 timer siden

    I wonder how unhealthy that is

  • Nanthidah Kate Sanoubane
    Nanthidah Kate Sanoubane12 timer siden

    How about in the future you should rematch him and bring random strangers and your friends to eat the 9 pound pizza and I wanna join too cause I LOVE pizza and yeah😃😃

  • Raidof RLS
    Raidof RLS13 timer siden

    That guy prob poopin a lot😂

  • Oscar Perez Flores
    Oscar Perez Flores14 timer siden


  • ShaineLou Wilson
    ShaineLou Wilson15 timer siden

    PIZZA I'm a kid but I think I can eat the whole PIZZa

  • ShaineLou Wilson

    ShaineLou Wilson

    15 timer siden


  • ClipZ
    ClipZ15 timer siden

    i thot it was matt stonie as champion

  • •_ minxtt _•
    •_ minxtt _•16 timer siden

    It makes me go eat 👁️💧👄💧👁️

    SAMANTHA SCHUIT17 timer siden

    They mr beast why don't u let me on your teem the pizza 🍕 will be gon in no time 🙃

  • Mialuke Lowder
    Mialuke Lowder17 timer siden


  • Arjunmithra Chintamaneni
    Arjunmithra Chintamaneni17 timer siden

    cqn i plz

  • Malak Hassan
    Malak Hassan17 timer siden

    Can you come to Egypt

  • Wasp'sWonders


    17 timer siden

    Ew no

  • dktzlee
    dktzlee17 timer siden

    Didn’t Matt stonie beat Joey chest nut in a chicken wing contest?.

  • Zak Gaming
    Zak Gaming19 timer siden

    I smell pizza

  • Cman Lewis
    Cman Lewis19 timer siden

    The only reason I watch this channel is because of Karl

  • meme doge
    meme doge20 timer siden

    I've had bigger pizza

    TREASURE PLAYS20 timer siden

    My stomach hurt when i was watching this but i ate nothing

  • toca boca idea
    toca boca idea20 timer siden

    Omg iam eating pizza I am going 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • BBearplayz
    BBearplayz21 time siden

    Why did I watch this whilst eating... I feel sick

  • MS - 03CK 857612 Corsair PS
    MS - 03CK 857612 Corsair PS21 time siden

    im hungry i want that pizza

  • Isabella Strickland
    Isabella Strickland21 time siden

    yum...just ate lunch and already feel HUNGRY LOLOL

  • Pascal Timmermans
    Pascal Timmermans21 time siden

    I am jealos.

  • Shayaan Morshed
    Shayaan Morshed21 time siden

    why am I watching this while fasting...

  • T-Wrecks
    T-Wrecks21 time siden

    I pity the fool that tries to out eat Joey Chestnut.

  • Azzie Ammon
    Azzie Ammon22 timer siden

    This is no problem for Chandler the eater.

  • Ritisnigdha Panda
    Ritisnigdha Panda23 timer siden

    I wonder how much time did he spend on toilet

  • Chun Tou Loke
    Chun Tou LokeDag siden

    Mr beast did you give a burger to matt stonie

  • Mix Edit Fun
    Mix Edit FunDag siden

    Does chris moisturize?.

  • Cora-Chan
    Cora-ChanDag siden

    I wonder how much Diarrhea Joey Chestnut suffered with

  • John patrick Sayago
    John patrick SayagoDag siden


  • Mr. Legend
    Mr. LegendDag siden


  • Nadine Alexandre
    Nadine AlexandreDag siden

    I thought I was going to be sick but I was full for A WHOLE WEEK YES A WEEK

    JIKOOK STANDag siden

    i love karl

  • Kean Grei San Juan
    Kean Grei San JuanDag siden

    I thought u gona gib him money for wonning lol

  • Jayde Marciano
    Jayde MarcianoDag siden

    Please 🙏🥺 King 👑👑👑 Fiona 😍

  • we're just seven normal boys from korea
    we're just seven normal boys from koreaDag siden

    2 : 12 bro I was using a headphone

  • Mufaddal hebatullah
    Mufaddal hebatullahDag siden

    I can’t believe my eyes

  • Aditya Mishra
    Aditya MishraDag siden

    That would be a real pain in the toilet the next day...

  • Youbring
    YoubringDag siden

    the bread to topping ratio was really bad

  • Oliwka Sankowska
    Oliwka SankowskaDag siden

    I am right now so hungry. And I want a pizzaaa🤤🍕

  • A-jay Maloloy-on
    A-jay Maloloy-onDag siden


  • War Robots
    War RobotsDag siden

    🤤 I want pizza wow cool I'm starving now!

  • Jackline Masanja
    Jackline MasanjaDag siden

    All the way from Tanzania... Your the best

  • Deepti Aditya
    Deepti AdityaDag siden

    I want pizza 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

    SYIQIDag siden

    vidio kelek


    4:19 I think it's just some logical thing Jimmy. If he is the best eater in the world of course he's good at eating😂😂

  • MrBeast Massive fan
    MrBeast Massive fanDag siden


  • Hasan sahintuerk
    Hasan sahintuerkDag siden

    I have eaten an 3 foot Pizza in 13:8 minits

  • Hailey Richards
    Hailey RichardsDag siden

    Mr. beast leisurely eating, while it pans to Joey scarfing it down

  • Gabriel Salvatore
    Gabriel SalvatoreDag siden

    Im 87% sure that all my siblings and me would eat that 9 pounds of pizza because of how much we love pizza

  • Peyton Natakul
    Peyton NatakulDag siden

    he aint great white he is megalodon

  • Brooklyn Ozersky
    Brooklyn OzerskyDag siden

    U should of asked me to join I love pepperoni;(

  • Perry n
    Perry nDag siden

    Imagine the entire pizza

  • todoroki and deku
    todoroki and dekuDag siden

    Did any one else want to eat pizza after watching this

  • Aaron Jojo
    Aaron JojoDag siden

    1:05 lmaoooooo

  • The Moore's
    The Moore'sDag siden


  • idkboi20
    idkboi20Dag siden

    how to get acne in one simple step

  • Blue Flame Wolfy
    Blue Flame WolfyDag siden

    I’m eating pizza and 2 videos that get recommended after watching one of his vids are pizza related

  • HNBen 10
    HNBen 10Dag siden

    This pizza looks delicious 🤤

  • Grubhub Child
    Grubhub ChildDag siden

    Roses are red pizza is too I ordered a large and none of its for you

  • J.v.a Studio
    J.v.a StudioDag siden

    Love you buddy

  • Joe Brucato
    Joe BrucatoDag siden

    THATS HUGE!!!!!!!!!

  • sokohigh kora
    sokohigh koraDag siden

    "he is the fastest eater in the whole world" that one dude who can eat a 6 foot long pizza in 10 seconds at the core of the earth: bruh

  • Anas_435g
    Anas_435gDag siden

    سوى تحدي مع سحس

  • Jill nolan
    Jill nolanDag siden

    2 🦶 to eat

  • Chaisleigh Rose
    Chaisleigh RoseDag siden

    hey jimmy

  • Zulkaif Ahmed
    Zulkaif AhmedDag siden

    Bring Matt Stonie here 😎.

  • Maceus Alcius
    Maceus AlciusDag siden

    MY MOM can eat 19 pizzas

  • Blessing The rabbit

    Blessing The rabbit

    Dag siden


  • Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friend
    Teenager_rangergolie rangergolie's friendDag siden

    Me before watching this: mom what’s for dinner Me after watching this: never mind mom I’m full (didn’t eat anything)

  • Blessing The rabbit

    Blessing The rabbit

    Dag siden


  • Jinkx Jinkx
    Jinkx JinkxDag siden

    I wanna be in one of the vids but i already subscribed😂😂😭

    BRAWL X MASTERDag siden

    Mrbeast: this guy can eat faster than 10 people also Mrbeast: there is no way he can eat faster then us five

  • Eduard Andrei Marcu
    Eduard Andrei MarcuDag siden


  • Eduard Andrei Marcu
    Eduard Andrei MarcuDag siden

    He can eat fast then mrbeast's team