I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice


i borderline went crazy about 17 hours in...
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    Ok sir

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    Im subbed

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    Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

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    Letts just say "Jimmy is cool" in the replies

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    i think 150,000

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    Mr best have to be given guineas book of world record

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    "This is how many people don't think Covid-19 will stop us from watching Mrbeast" 👇

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    I go in for sports, huh??!!

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    24 hours

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    17 hours

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    Everything related to traffic accidents

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    320 0000

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    U should spend 24 hours inside a volcano

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    500 grand

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    I love your videos Mrbeast

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    This comment should have more then 50 replys

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    kids fun jones7 timer siden

    Do a 6 day stranded on a boat in the multi of the alrntik ocean

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    Nature Yaya8 timer siden

    If i was in there i would eat the ice or wait for it to melt

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    24 hr in ice man you're amazing

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    60 mil!!!!

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    When you talk to the camera and I was flat did you even realise

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    £1000 000 000

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    Damn, That Would of been Freezing cold!!

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    *When the toilet seat is warm:*

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    I am your biggest fan from india

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    24 h

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    jimmy your new player is derrick i bought it for you hahahaha

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    we found jimmy!

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    He’s a lier

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    وليد سفن اب Svnap13 timer siden

    MrBeastCan you give me a car for my birthday Duj Jalanger?☹️

  • وليد سفن اب Svnap
    وليد سفن اب Svnap13 timer siden

    MrBeastCan you give me a car for my birthday Duj Jalanger?😞💔

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    Look at Karl and look what he says 0:52

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    Pwdiepie sucks

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    I did

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    I think 25 hours

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    Talk about a cold toilet seat. 0:07 Ok I'll stop now

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    maria regalado17 timer siden

    You looked very cold

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    I think 10 grand

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    can you pay for my rhinoplasty please? :"3

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    I’m. Am feeling sorry for you Jimmy

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    Hi there

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    Me Beast can NEVER get best when it comes to challenges

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    im already subed 2 times on my ipad and pc

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    When karl said is this why you wanted to watch i said yes

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    Wade & Belinda McDougall20 timer siden

    I think that you spend 24

  • Wade & Belinda McDougall
    Wade & Belinda McDougall20 timer siden

    I think that you spent 12 hours in the block of ice

  • [-*]Rafael .S[*-]
    [-*]Rafael .S[*-]20 timer siden

    0:35 *karl dies*

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    Dovahkiin21 time siden

    Mr. Beast: This is so hard and cold this is impossible! Me, a Canadian: Hold my beer

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    Jimmy you must get more revenge

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    I subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I could do that but omg 😱 you did so good and that looks amazing inside and outside of that

  • OTvI’m rev Turankm. ojdc c
    OTvI’m rev Turankm. ojdc c21 time siden

    25.5 hours You can see Chris whıth a fıamethrower

  • Dylan's classified stuff
    Dylan's classified stuff21 time siden

    10:04 Chris got his flame gun

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    Magaly Vega21 time siden

    I think ,70000,000

  • Rebecca Rae E
    Rebecca Rae E21 time siden

    Just sitting in ice how could you survive that I will die

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    If I were in a car seeing mrbeast and his crew covered with feather I wouldn’t even be surprised

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    Really that much money lucky me

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    Ooop I’m well off :(

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    Why do u do this to ur self

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    They became chickens

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    I’m on Jimmy’s side

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    just kidding it's 300000

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    it 9s 1075687767765798866

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    110,000,000 dollars-

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    You guys are so funny😂😂😂

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    To much

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    At end it will be twenty four hours

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    you cheetid hahaha

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    i subscribed but i got nothing :(

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