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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast8 måneder siden

    Subscribe! I’d hate for you to lose money because you forget lol

  • Joshua Wells

    Joshua Wells

    21 dag siden


  • Gracie Joy

    Gracie Joy

    27 dager siden

    Mr beast you should be in more of your challenges

  • Amanda D'Alessio

    Amanda D'Alessio

    2 måneder siden


  • Alecgamer16 - Random

    Alecgamer16 - Random

    2 måneder siden

    ok I will do it if I must

  • Xiell !

    Xiell !

    3 måneder siden

    I have subcribe too both of your channell😉

  • Mr. Berg
    Mr. Berg37 minutter siden

    It's litteraly internet on the island!

  • Koltyn Lloyd
    Koltyn LloydTime siden

    So did Chandler Winn the pigs

  • Hii Hehe
    Hii HeheTime siden


  • Zunaira Hafeez
    Zunaira HafeezTime siden

    love you chandler

  • Nick Cirillo
    Nick CirilloTime siden

    Total drama island

  • jai nigam
    jai nigamTime siden

    sry karl

  • JollyAzAZ0
    JollyAzAZ0Time siden

    Random Chandler noise 8:30

  • kjell palomäki
    kjell palomäkiTime siden

    Win karrrrl

  • Ava Quaver
    Ava Quaver2 timer siden

    KARL YOUR MY IDOLLLL 😁😁😁😁 (so are you Chris and Jimmy)

  • Fryingpan Man
    Fryingpan Man2 timer siden

    the first challenge they had a choice to vote off was the black guy

  • Chef Frog
    Chef Frog2 timer siden

    Team chandler for the wiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SupeRobloxianz
    SupeRobloxianz2 timer siden

    Chandler deserved to win.

  • Nash
    Nash2 timer siden

    Who else is watching this after chandler sold the island lol 😂

  • Kim Larzky Malacad
    Kim Larzky Malacad2 timer siden

    Yes finaly chan chan is now the winner

  • D5 The Mighty ducks 5
    D5 The Mighty ducks 53 timer siden

    I am subbed

  • JC Lopez
    JC Lopez3 timer siden

    Chandler and Karl kiss each other in 12:22

  • Konrad Bech
    Konrad Bech3 timer siden

    SUB to mrbeaast

  • Abdul Salam
    Abdul Salam3 timer siden

    I wanted nolan to win

  • Caleb Moller
    Caleb Moller3 timer siden

    18:53 we love you carl

  • Matylda Jastrzębska
    Matylda Jastrzębska3 timer siden

    poor karl

  • Max Ho
    Max Ho3 timer siden

    Is it 800k or 700k

  • Joey
    Joey3 timer siden

    Karl all you had to say was if you vote for Chandler I will give each of you 5 thousand dollars. Easy win.

  • KnightForReal YT
    KnightForReal YT3 timer siden

    Mr Beast in 2040: The Last to leave Antarctica keeps it

  • Joy Nanez
    Joy Nanez4 timer siden

    Rip💀 Chandler haters

  • Deleted_Nico
    Deleted_Nico5 timer siden

    0:45 he missed his cap

  • Shivank Freefire 3.0
    Shivank Freefire 3.06 timer siden

    I am an Indian

  • Mohd Sayan Sulfikar
    Mohd Sayan Sulfikar6 timer siden

    I am sorry for Karl

  • ronald reagan
    ronald reagan6 timer siden


  • Kenodh Ekanayake
    Kenodh Ekanayake6 timer siden

    Downloaded it

  • Aviation101
    Aviation1016 timer siden

    This message is To MrBeast Hi

  • Anshu Zou
    Anshu Zou6 timer siden

    12.33 such a good toss 👍 maybe Lol

  • Vyone Violet.
    Vyone Violet.7 timer siden

    i lowkey feel bad for Karl

  • nischal acharya
    nischal acharya7 timer siden

    jimmy = the whole world is watcing me = stoped watching

  • Lord Tachanka
    Lord Tachanka8 timer siden

    Mr beast if He was poor : please give money i have to donate for charity

  • Grace Santiago
    Grace Santiago8 timer siden

    all that losing finally paid off.. no literally he got paid

  • György Kristóf
    György Kristóf8 timer siden


  • Orian Hatfield
    Orian Hatfield10 timer siden


  • V V

    V V

    9 timer siden


  • Alvin Jo Richie
    Alvin Jo Richie10 timer siden

    Sad carl

  • ReChicken
    ReChicken11 timer siden

    i sold my girlfriend and bought a new one D:

  • Jellybeans
    Jellybeans11 timer siden

    YES !!! CHANDLER 😥😥👏👏👏👏

  • Star
    Star11 timer siden

    I hope he builds a pig pen for the piggy’s

  • Om Sakhawala
    Om Sakhawala12 timer siden

    I am your biggest fan from india

  • Florida Campbell
    Florida Campbell13 timer siden

    12:22 ✨ B R O M A N C E ✨

  • Kezia
    Kezia13 timer siden

    lmao i feel bad for karl :(

  • Addy J1221
    Addy J122114 timer siden


  • Keelin Lewis
    Keelin Lewis14 timer siden

    What I find so funny is that whenever chandler runs he makes that car sound and I find it so funny lol

  • edgar compian
    edgar compian14 timer siden


  • Damontre Morris
    Damontre Morris15 timer siden

    He finally won

  • IAW'S Vibe
    IAW'S Vibe15 timer siden

    "imagine if i lost a hole dang island to a fart" - chris, bro im dying of laughter

  • Tennis Dream
    Tennis Dream15 timer siden

    Mrs beast *sights* its painful to see the poor people suffer the show must go one tho?!

  • shadow the parrot
    shadow the parrot15 timer siden

    Chandler winning? This is riged.

  • Aperson Whohateslove
    Aperson Whohateslove15 timer siden

    12:22 respect the brothersm

  • Jhared Master BG
    Jhared Master BG15 timer siden

    Mr beast:Awww karl stop crying Me:sad

  • that exotic gamer
    that exotic gamer16 timer siden

    Me👁👄👁 I want a island

  • Sunderia Lark
    Sunderia Lark16 timer siden

    Poor karl!!!😢😢😢😢😢😦😦😦😭😔😔💔💔💔💔

  • Shaman ri
    Shaman ri16 timer siden

    Poor Nolan. :(

  • Random Cat
    Random Cat16 timer siden

    Anyone gonna talk about how the island was 700K

  • Clyde ghost
    Clyde ghost16 timer siden

    Wait, is that 7 millionth subscriber TYLER!?!!

  • A L
    A L16 timer siden

    I fell bad

  • Giuliana Heath
    Giuliana Heath17 timer siden

    Bye nolin

  • 几ᘜᐯ尺乇卄卂爪
    几ᘜᐯ尺乇卄卂爪17 timer siden

    I speak a Arabek can you speak Arabek ?...

  • Goises1234


    17 timer siden

    أنا أتحدث العربية

  • Megan- Alys
    Megan- Alys17 timer siden

    Isn’t Nolan the one who plays Jake on Modern Family he looks very very similar

  • JesusDuck 32
    JesusDuck 3217 timer siden

    that game is garbage

  • PonKie !
    PonKie !18 timer siden

    can you pay for my rhinoplasty please? :"3

  • LovelyL0ser
    LovelyL0ser18 timer siden

    BRO Is anyone going to mention the way Chandler tried to turn when Karl kissed his cheek 🤠

  • Stephanie Morgan
    Stephanie Morgan18 timer siden

    If I lost a island I would cry and be depress forever if I won I would make survivor;)

  • Nicky Rigby
    Nicky Rigby18 timer siden

    His face tho...

  • Unicorn Shine
    Unicorn Shine18 timer siden

    Mr Beast I subscribed to all of your channels and pewdiepie!

  • Hinnh Ghnbh
    Hinnh Ghnbh18 timer siden

    Go Mr.Beast!!!!!! You are the best!!!!!

  • yoshipuff
    yoshipuff18 timer siden

    let gooooooooo Chandler

  • Sugar The noob
    Sugar The noob18 timer siden

    I got lords moble thanks for teling us

  • Sugar The noob
    Sugar The noob18 timer siden

    I love the chaneses and it's funny you say you fell bad but then the show gows on

  • zero two
    zero two18 timer siden

    omg chandler knows magic how he do that omggggggggggggggggggggggg

  • Shanedesign
    Shanedesign18 timer siden


  • Francisco Ibarra
    Francisco Ibarra19 timer siden

    Lol the would kick out the only dude of skin color . That’s missed up 🙃🙃

  • The Artist in Me
    The Artist in Me19 timer siden

    I love how Chandler said “but look I tried today!” But he won purely by luck of draw lol

  • Gonney Boo シ
    Gonney Boo シ19 timer siden


  • Hannah Johnston
    Hannah Johnston19 timer siden

    Wow. Tell Chandler congrats because he normally doesn’t win.

  • Kev. M. Mwaniki
    Kev. M. Mwaniki19 timer siden

    Dude Mr. Beast should have his own game show..!!! Epic

  • Brick City
    Brick City20 timer siden

    I wanna see what Chandler did with that island

  • Tran Colin Phu
    Tran Colin Phu20 timer siden


  • Grace Hamilton
    Grace Hamilton20 timer siden

    Chris was so sweet to Karl when he lost oh my word friendship goals 💓

  • scythe
    scythe20 timer siden

    looking back, jess literally tried fucking sabotaged nolan lmfao. w h a t w a s t h a t t h r o w

  • Fariha Zahid
    Fariha Zahid20 timer siden

    done i subscribe

  • pump wants to chug jug with u
    pump wants to chug jug with u20 timer siden

    I want a shout out please

  • Jasmine Martinez
    Jasmine Martinez21 time siden

    chantlr the champeyon

  • ezekiel Aristo
    ezekiel Aristo21 time siden

    wow this was an intence vid

  • yoyle cake
    yoyle cake22 timer siden

    21:04 I wanted Chandler to win

  • Slabz Plays
    Slabz Plays22 timer siden

    I have 10 challengers and 10 people

  • GotchaBoy25
    GotchaBoy2522 timer siden

    thyry6y n

  • Hunter Liss
    Hunter Liss22 timer siden

    12:22 is the cutest funking thing jesus christ

    KELON HALLEY22 timer siden

    I love your vid

  • PuRe Removal
    PuRe Removal22 timer siden

    Yo now we know what chandler meant by saying Carl is known for choking

  • Laazi bii Laazi bii
    Laazi bii Laazi bii22 timer siden

    Yey chandler wins 🎉🎉🎉

  • slothiez
    slothiez22 timer siden

    no joke when karl lost i actually cried

  • Hinner Family
    Hinner Family22 timer siden

    poor Karl but congrats chandler!

  • Liv Parsholt Rasmussen
    Liv Parsholt Rasmussen22 timer siden

    Karl if you see this I love you :3

  • Liv Parsholt Rasmussen
    Liv Parsholt Rasmussen22 timer siden

    poor karl

  • Liv Parsholt Rasmussen

    Liv Parsholt Rasmussen

    22 timer siden

    btw i mean im sorry for Karl

  • Frank Boateng
    Frank Boateng23 timer siden

    Chandler finally won!!!!!!!!!!!