Why I Haven’t Been Uploading


This took way too long...
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    •태신ᴛᴀᴇsɪɴ ғᴀɴғɪᴄ•

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    Most of us is already subscribed.

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    I am your biggest fan 😄🤗

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    i bough those mrbeast socks they were amazing i litteraly stared at them for a day straigh and wanted them so bad

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    Oh my god why do he doing

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    Mr.beast 60 Million And became a billionaire 😎

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    But what is your shop

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    I am your biggest fan from india

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    So many shirts

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    Poor Mr.Beast :(

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    butiful speling

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    You are so awesome!!!!! You will do so much for your fans and I love that.

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    im poor

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    i want one

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    can you pay for my rhinoplasty please? :"3

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    You're popay now hahaha

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    This is the daily factory life. You're a legend mr beast

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    This is should be in Guinness book world record 😆

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    lot Vasconcellos20 timer siden

    Rip your hand

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    Imagine getting the shirt that he signed first and you didn’t even know it.

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    I got the shirt let’s go

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    What the heck jimmy

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    Your hand must hurt a lot

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    I miss the outro song! It's strangely nostalgic 😂

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    why don't u ship to India!!!!!😢

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    Does chris moisturize?.

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    I got it

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    I got one of these shirts thx mrbeast

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    Loook the sub :)

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    Who else is watching this in 2021 and he has 60.1M make a 60M edition plz

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    Yeah mr beast reached 60 million

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    All the way from Tanzania.. I love your videos Mr beast

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    Now its 60 mill

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    You are the FUCKING MANN

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    ti make tried signs t shirts

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    Love from India ❤️

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    Congratulations for 60 m subscriber

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    Colourful end rods

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    I subscribed)): ((:

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    I don't care how much money you have. I would despise doing this.

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    *order gets canceled*

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    Mine had a smiley face on it, that means Jimmy signed my shirt when he still had his sanity lol

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    Omg your hand is probably so red ✍️🥵☺️

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    Mine came with a smiley face 🥺💞

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    I got the #1 :))) I was so happy thank you mr beast 💜

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    Damn bro. Watch for wrist injuries

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    Why is Mr. Beast wearing the same clothes all 12 days?

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    Bruh Mr beast is 60k lol

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    Holy sh** you hit 60 Mill

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    All ready at 60 mill wait un till 80 mill to do this again.

  • Mlbphenoix
    MlbphenoixDag siden

    Jimmy: this is the hardest thing in my life Also Jimmy in "I spent 24 hours in ice": this is the hardest thing I have ever done. Me: WHICH ONE IS HARDER!

  • SeekingJesusChristWholeHeartedMinistries
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    Beautiful Brethren, you have so much Worth! You are important! You are beautiful just the way you look! I love you all! You have meaning! You are so beautiful! You are beautiful!

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    Well now he's at 60 mil so...

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    60 mil

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    One of those is my neighbors

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    Let me get a shirt

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    wow i got that

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    Amazing ❤️ Love you

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    amazing ❤️

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    i ordered one and it hasnt came till this day its 2021

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    CHRIS IS MY DAD , check out the channel

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    Edgar Haydar

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    And Chris Is Also Your Grandfather And Your Jimmy Younger Brother Judging By Your Comment History

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    3:45 Enter new counter value: 26999

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    I love it

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  • Utkarsh Chakravarty
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    who saw that on day 3 he was wearing his own signed shirt

  • senthamizh Selvi
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    Awwwww 😔😔 I am sorry for you jimmy

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    Poor Jimmie have to sign so much shirts

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    4:15 Later next year I was buried alive for 50 hours

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    U sooo sweet

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    I got it

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    Was mine supposed to have a smiley face

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    U fr?

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    Jimmy is a legend

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    Imagine if more people bought the same shirt and it’s twice the amount what will happen?

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    Best youtuber best channel ever

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    Can I have 10k

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    My mom is going to sell my dog 😭😭😭

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    Almost at 60M yay

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    Dude, one of those shirts he signed was mine.

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    Look at jimmy when hes smiling 1:48

  • Jace Merrill
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    Does Chris moisturize

  • Just Gabby

    Just Gabby

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    y e s

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    Mr beast you don’t have to do that for us mr beast

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    Subscribe or I'll take your dog

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    if we got a left handed shirt is it more valuable

  • Seth KubE
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    he didnt put the ding when you smiled

  • aki benedict シ
    aki benedict シ3 dager siden

    10,000 people in the comments: Yeah I got the 1st shirt 😁